4.6M Users' Data Leaked, You Can Thank SnapChat!

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If you have been keeping up with the ongoing situation involving the massive leak of approximately 4.6 million users' phone numbers and usernames, you may wonder what this means for you. If this is new news, I highly recommend reading one of the numerous articles such as this, and stopping back here to figure things out!

Is my account affected?
Right now, the website hosting all of the leaked data is under a heavy load. In addition, the CSV file is so large that Excel cannot open the entire thing allowing you to search all of the leaked data. We have taken the liberty to do as this site has done and allow you to search through a database of the leaked information and see for yourself whether or not you have been affected. Our database uses the leaked and censored database provided at SnapChatDB, but we also allow you to search by phone number OR username. If a match is found, your information is leaked, if not, you can relax as you are more than likely safe! See if you are affected here!

My information was leaked, what does this mean?
Most people user the same username for just about everything they do. In this situation, it is especially bad. If you use the same username for banking, loans, work, college, or any other sensitive information it is highly recommended that you change this as soon as possible and also use unique passwords for each different account. This leaked information can also open you up to a potentially massive amount of spam delivered to your phone. There are numerous other possible uses for the data, but these are the most immediately obvious.

What can I do to recover from this data leak?
First, it is important to stay calm. Only your username and phone number have been exposed at this time. To be proactive, we highly recommend moving to a new username for any sites that share the same username as your SnapChat account. It is recommended to also change any passwords associated with the username and keep each one unique (ie, never use the same password for everything). Finally, we recommend talking to your phone provider associated with the leaked number. You may luck out and be mostly unaffected, but if your number is flooded with spam or you have any accounts that rely on the security of an unknown number, it would be beneficial to request a new number and reflect accordingly with anyone who had the old one.

We hope everyone can navigate this issue with minimal stress and will leave this system up for an undetermined amount of time. Until then... Happy New Year, be safe, and secure your data!

See if you are affected!