Tutisduino Home Base

Welcome to the project page for the Tutisduino, an RGB combination door-latch revamp. Not only has the code been restructured, simplified, and commented for those of you not so familiar with Processing, but it has numerous new features.

I will be creating an Instructable for this project using my own shield to simplify the build process and shorten the necessary directions. This project page will have links to the blog articles whose sole purpose in life is to document my build progress, from successes to failures and everything in between. If you just want to build one outright and not worry about the science and obstacles please look at the Instructable, but report back here if you have questions or comments as this site is monitored much more closely than third party ones.

Please remember, until the last blog post has been completed this page will continuously be under construction. Content that is available one week may be completely changed the next week. This isn't to cause frustration, but to make a better all-in-one project resource.

Keep an eye out for new blog posts, code updates, third party additions, videos, and pictures of this behemoth in action and much more!

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